What is The Customer Experience Game

Do you recognize the following?

– We have collected sufficient customer feedback; how do we convert this to ACTION?
– The customer does not get sufficient priority on the agenda during Team, Management and Board meetings.
– Customer Experience may be the theme in the organization, but what exactly does it mean to us?

Time to play The Customer Experience Game! During this interactive, informative and – most of all – exciting game, you will get to know your customers and your colleagues. The teams compete against each other to win a much desired prize. The Game can be played both in-house and at location.

What Is The Customer Experience Game?

The Customer Experience Game brings LIFE to customer focus! The Customer Experience Game is a board game. In this game you compete against each other in teams! Facilitators guide your organization in bringing Customer Experience to life. Because of the limited time within which questions have to be answered and assignments completed, you will give your customers a voice in your (management) team – you will learn to improve listening to what they are saying. You will find out more about each other and each other’s experiences. You will learn what you are good at, and what your next step will be during your journey towards a customer focused business.

This is the only Management Game which asks its participants to reflect on their own customers. Plus, this is the only game which offers a follow-up! In doing so, you will not just look back at a nice afternoon, but you will put the theories you have learned into practice.

Versions of The Customer Experience Game

cx game

During the course of the game, players are asked to answer insight questions and to complete challenging Customer Experience assignments. This will provide insights, inspiration and ideas to step up a gear, in addition to having a lot of fun together as a team.

2 – 4 teams compete against each other during the game to win a much desired prize. It takes 2 hours to complete the game, but it’s over before you realize it!

Is the customer top of the agenda during your Board meetings? Even though customer contact may not be part of your daily reality, the customer’s voice is important at every level of the organization. Especially at the top! How well do you know your customer? What is customer contact like via all different channels? What is the omni-channel customer experience? How do customers rate your brand and service, and what do your employees think about the organization?

The Customer Experience Game is a game which helps board members raise their customer experience awareness. Teams need to answer questions and complete assignments about customer, brand and employees within a limited amount of time.

Would you like to bring life to your organization’s customer focus? Is one of your biggest dilemmas: How do we engage our employees? Play the Customer Experience Game with your employees! The Customer Experience Game is a board game which helps raise customer experience awareness in your organization. The game empowers the team, provides insights, inspiration and a lot of fun!

We create a CX Game program together. A number of employees will be trained to become CX Game Facilitators which will ensure that each employee will get to play the game at least once!

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The Founders and Facilitators

Nienke Bloem

Customer Experience Guru & Keynote Speaker

Babs Asselbergs

Expert NPS & Customer Experience

Associate Partners

The Customer Experience Game is not only facilitated with Babs and Nienke. These are our partners, you can play the Customer Experience Game with. For now we have Dutch and Belgian partners, if you are interested in becoming our next international partner, please contact us.


Serdar Cakiroglu

Partner & Advisor Customer Excellence @ N3Wstrategy


Nils Schmeling

Managing Partner @ N3Wstrategy


Greta Elaut

Customer Experience Inspirator @ PITopia


Els Dhaeze

Customer Excellence Architect @ PITopia

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The Customer Experience Game

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